Employability is a social reintegration program to provide the beneficiaries of the projects Penitentiary Rugby, Proyecto Alcatraz, Alcatraz Rugby Club and the Revenga community the necessary tools to seek formal employment.


In 2009, the president of the Santa Teresa Foundation visited the Fundación Carvajal in Cali, Colombia to share experiences on crime prevention and social reintegration through Proyecto Alcatraz. Inspired by this encounter,  the Fundación Carvajal started its program named Golazo to prevent violence.

Some years later, in 2017, an agreement was made between the two Foundations to transfer the methodology of the Carvajal program Employability. The transfer of the program began in 2019 with a duration of six months.

From that moment on, Santa Teresa Foundation team began to adapt the methodology to fit the needs of our beneficiaries with the aim of developing work, technical and social skills that significantly improve the chances of finding regular employment.


To develop in the participants social and technical competencies based on the real demands of the job market, their vocational inclinations and potential with a view to obtaining formal employment.

Fundacion Carvajal

When it arose

In the year 2019

Where it takes place

In the Revenga municipality, Aragua state, Venezuela


Employability Route


Identification of Opportunities (map of the labor market and specific requirements of possible job openings)


Training (60 hours socio-work experience and 100 hours of technical training)


Follow-up (6 months)




Yearly achievements

  1. Transfer of the Carvajal methodology to ST Foundation

  2. Start of pilot program in February

Other initiatives