The Foundation

The Santa Teresa Foundation dates from the year 1989 when it was set up as the institution through which Ron Santa Teresa would channel its social initiative programs in the José Rafael Revenga municipality in Aragua State with the aim of creating thereby a model of economic and social development in Venezuela, not only in terms of outcomes in themselves but in the ways that they might be reached.

To achieve these development goals, the Santa Teresa Foundation is based on the five company values, namely:


We play fair and we play to win

Pride in what we do


We transform our surroundings

Thanks to these values, we believe that nothing we do that might be a source of pride, can be achieved by turning out backs on our community.

Morgado House

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, the Morgado House is situated at the foot of the Cerro La Cruz in El Consejo. This old mansion has a great historical value for the inhabitants of the area and is a Venezuelan architectural heritage. In 1988, Ron Santa Teresa purchased it with the intention of investing in the community and of it being the future home to the Santa Teresa Foundation.

In 2004, work began on restoring the property with the help of members of Proyecto Alcatraz who had participated in the Workshop for Builders. In 2010, the Morgado House became headquarters of the Foundation.

Camino Real

In February 2000, more than a hundred families invaded the lands of the Hacienda Santa Teresa demanding the chance to live dignified lives. What began as an invasion of private property changed into an urban development project that, under the leadership of the Foundation, joined the public to the private sector together with the community in the building of houses.


24 hectares donated and carefully urbanized

100 houses built with property deeds for the same number of families

Maintenance and supervision of the entire urban area by the public sector, the private sector and the community

Training programs in strategic planning and management with the support of the Andean Development Corporation, the Latin American Development Bank

Cultural empowerment programs, with the School of Entrepreneurs model.

Visión Revenga

In 2004, the Santa Teresa Foundation promoted the setting up of a development plan to make the Revenga Municipality a model area with the participation of community leaders. The aim of Vision Revenga is to attract local entrepreneurs, investors and tourists to ensure growing prosperity together with a better quality of life for the inhabitants of the municipality.


Human development and participation

Base conditions for development

Materialisation of infrastructure and environment

Third party support

Attractive municipality