Penitentiary Rugby

The Penitentiary Rugby program that uses training in values through the constant practice of rugby together with psycho-educational support as a tool to help prison inmates reintegrate into society.

More than 800 inmates in Venezuelan prisons receive weekly theoretical and practical training sessions given by the Alcatraz coaching team, allowing them to develop as rugby players. They also receive psycho-educational attention, thus enhancing their chances of social reintegration.

To improve their chances of successfully reintegrating into society, the Proyecto Alcatraz team started Diamante, a pilot plan to reinforce the individual and group psychological support provided throughout the process of transformation of the person who has decided to change.


It began with a plea from a former Proyecto Alcatraz participant who, on being detained after leaving the program, asked for a rugby ball to train in prison together with other inmates.

Over time, a team was set up and they asked for a coach from the Santa Teresa Foundation to give them weekly training sessions.

At the end of 2013, they took part, as a penitentiary team, in the Rugby 7s Tournament organized by the Santa Teresa Foundation.


Socially transform the person deprived of freedom through rugby, training in values and psycho-educational support.

Where it takes place

It takes place in 36 Penitentiary Centers in 13 states of the nation

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The Program is executed through a methodology that uses two tools:


As a way to instill values.

Psycho-educational support

Through an intensive program of individual and group sessions.

These two activities increase the chances of social reintegration for the young inmates attending the program.

The year 2019 saw the formation of the first female penitentiary rugby team, the Gladiadoras de Oro at the Female Orientation Center

Yearly Achievements


Start of penitentiary rugby in the Centro Penitenciario of Aragua


The Tocorón Rugby team takes part in Santa Teresa Rugby 7s


Training sessions begin at the Penitenciaria General de Venezuela, Guárico state

First game of penitentiary rugby between PGV and Tocorón at Hacienda Santa Teresa


Start of training at the Centro de Formación de Hombres Nuevos Fénix (Lara), in the Internado Judicial Rodeo II estado Miranda Judicial Rodeo II, Miranda state

Three Penitentiary Centers took part in the Santa Teresa 7s: Tocorón R.C, Aves del Fénix de Barquisimeto and Jaguares del Rugby de Rodeo II


Training practice begins at the Internado judicial de Rodeo III, in Guatire, in the Centro Penitenciario David Viloria, in the Centro Penitenciario De Coro, in the Centro Penitenciario 26 de Julio and in the Centro Penitenciario Mínima de Tocuyito

8 Penitentiary Centers participate in the Santa Teresa 7s International Tournament, with 180 inmates. Aves del Fénix proclaimed champion of the event.


Practice began in the Centro Penitenciario Simón Bolívar, the Centro Penitenciario Libertador Carabobo, in the Centro Penitenciario de Tocuyito and the Centro Penitenciario de la Región Andina (CEPRA), in the Centro Penitenciario Winnie Mandela, Zulia, raising the number of inmates that receive weekly training in values through rugby to 385 in a total of 13 Penitentiary Centers.


Practice began in:


Centro Penitenciario de oriente El Dorado

Internado Judicial de la región insular (Nueva Esparta)

Centro Penitenciario de los Llanos

Centro de Orientación Femenina en la ciudad de los Teques, Miranda state, this being the first female reclusion center to join the program

Female Annexe of the Centro Penitenciario de la Región Andina


Female Annexe of the Internado Judicial de la región insular (Nueva Esparta)

Start of the Diamante pilot program in the Internado Judicial Rodeo III, the Instituto Nacional de Orientación Femenina and the Centro Penitenciario de Carabobo, Tocuyito