Cacao Revenga

Cacao Revenga

Cacao Revenga is a program that seeks to favor the capacities of the  gastronomic entrepreneurs in the Revenga Municipality with the aim of generating sustainable and successful businesses

How it arose

The Venezuelan-Italian Chamber in partnership with the NGO Trabajo y Persona, run the project Venezuela Tierra de Cacao, training throughout the women in the art of chocolate making. In 2017, they approached the Santa Teresa Foundation to participate in this project with the support of the Delegation of the European Union in Venezuela. By 2018, financial backing was approved, allowing the program to start running in Revenga in February 2019.

Participants receive training in the techniques of tempering, making chocolate bars, coins and lollipops as well as French and Belgian style chocolates along with basic notions of costs and approaches to business plans.

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Cacao de origen
Fundacion trabajo y persona
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To favor the economic, social and technical conditions that would allow the entrepreneurs to set up sustainable businesses associated with the chain of values that Ron Santa Teresa represents.

Where it takes place

In the Revenga municipality, Aragua state, Venezuela

Who it attends

Female entrepreneurs in the area of gastronomy, inhabitants of Revenga municipality


Our project has an integral approach which ranges from chocolate making techniques to the development of business competencies to allow the commercialization of the products.

The components are as follows:

National and international cacao market

Business plan


Chocolate making

Sales techniques, consumers, development of product portfolios




Yearly achievements

  1. 18 entrepreneurs completed the first phase of training in chocolate making

  2. Consolidation of their training in the 5 components of the methodology


    Partnership with Kakao Bombones Venezolanos of María Fernanda Di Giacobbe


    Start of training participants in the business plan and in the Bean to Bar program

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