3.500 people enjoyed an afternoon of music and sport. THE YOUTH CELEBRATED THE PRESENT IN SACA PECHO FEST

Saca el Pecho fest

3.500 people enjoyed an afternoon of music and sport. THE YOUTH CELEBRATED THE PRESENT IN SACA PECHO FEST



The Hacienda Santa Teresa was the setting to celebrate young people who decided to take time  to enjoy an unique experience.

El Consejo,  September 5th, 2022.-  From September 1st to 3rd ,the  Hacienda Santa Teresa,  in the valleys of  Aragua was  the ideal scenario  for the audience to enjoy the best of music and sports in one place. During three days, different activities were held, including the oldest international Rugby 7 tournament in Venezuela and the third largest in the country, the Saca El Pecho Fest.


After players gave everything they had on the field, it was time to enjoy the performances of Shana Music, followed by Panorama, Cayiao, Andrés Mata, Jambene, Mother Flowers and the DJ. Stefano Zimbardi, who made the attendees dance and prepare so that at nightfall they would receive Anakena with her hit Carita Feliz and close the show with Lagos. All of them brought a dazzling show, scenery and screens that made a unique experience, for the assistants.


“The Saca El Pecho Fest was the time for young people to smile and enjoy life in the greenery of the Hacienda Santa Teresa. Everybody experienced a heart-stopping rugby final, in which Alcatraz Rugby Club got their third cup, and ended with a music festival and an outstanding stage in our Terruño, said Andres  Chumaceiro, director of the Hacienda Santa Teresa .


During the Festival, people enjoyed different experiences ranging from an unexpected passthrough between chaguaramos from Aragua Cross and sugarcane fields at Hacienda Santa Teresa, going through a tunnel with the representative stripes of the brand, to a stand with the unusual touch of Hendricks with magicians, cartoonists, roses and cucumbers.


In rugby, the home team, Alcatraz Rugby Club, won the Rugby 7 tournament three times by facing the Complutense Cisneros de Madrid rugby club, in a final that was won in the last minute of the game, with a conversion by Ramón Ruiz, to close the blackboard 19 to 17, in favor of the Aragua´s players. In addition, the victory was double when the youth category of Alcatraz R.C.  was titled for the first time in the tournament when facing Carontes Rugby Club with the score 14-0. In the female branch, the UCV teams from Caracas and Lanceras de los Llanos faced each other, a match that ended 29-0 in favor of the capital team.

The Saca El Pecho Fest began on September 1 with action on the courts with the Penitentiary Rugby Tournament, in which eight teams from the 36 penitentiary centers participated. The victory of the penitentiary championship went to Tocorón Rugby Club (male) and the Golden Gladiators of the Women’s Guidance Institute (INOF), who raised the cup with honor during the day.


The Festival had alliances such as La Wawa, Go Liiive, Pepsi, Pedidos Ya, Synergy, Turaser and Plus Ultra, which made it possible to bring an unprecedented show to Venezuelans. In addition, to have the presence of the international referee, Peter Martínez Alza from the Norte de Santander rugby league.

Santa Teresa foundation, is the social arm of Ron Santa Teresa, the first producer of rum in Venezuela, which promotes transformation through sport. The proceeds from these events benefit the Foundation’s social programs in the Revenga Municipality of Aragua state, such as Proyecto Alcatraz, Rugby Santa Teresa and Casas Blancas.

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