Santa Teresa reta a los jóvenes a sacar el pecho para inspirar a Venezuela


The leading brand of rum in the country aims to gather together all those that have a dream to fulfill to share it on social media and inspire others to rise above adversity and to make a better version of themselves. Prizes handed out on stage at the Santa Teresa 7 will be given to the best stories.

El Consejo, Municipio Revenga,  October 2019.-  Ron Santa Teresa, Venezuela’s leading rum brand, has challenged youngsters to be a source of inspiration for the entire country by participating the Stick Out Your Chest Challenge,  a movement that seeks to gather together all those that today have a dream to tell how they made it come true despite all the obstacles they found on the way.

“In Santa Teresa we have witnessed how young people from all over Venezuela are sticking their chests out for their dreams and decided not to let life get on top of them but to make the most out of life itself with their projects.That’s what we want to challenge them to tell their stories for everyone to know on a platform that will help them make these dreams fly”, said AndrésChumaceiro, director of the Hacienda Santa Teresa.

Anyone will be able to share their story via Instagram with a one-minute video where you say what your dream is and how you are making it come true. You must also add the label  #RetoSacaElPecho and mention the accounts  @ronsantateresa and @hdasantateresa so that you can be registered as a participant in the challenge. You should also challenge other youngsters to stick their chests out for Venezuela so that they too can add to the stories.

A jury will judge all the stories and will choose the best 10 to be awarded prizesat the Santa Teresa 7 Festival, the event that year after year  at the Hacienda Santa Teresa hosts  the most traditional Rugby Tournament in the country, the 13K Mountain Race and the biggest “Third Half” in Venezuela.

Ron Santa Teresa, the brand leader and largest producer of rum in Venezuela, is an independent, familyrun business with a 223 year tradition in the making of the finest aged rums that are a source of pridefor Venezuela the world over. The Santa Teresa Foundation is the social arm of Ron Santa Teresa with the aim of transforming people through the values of sport.